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About: tahini paste

It’s 4am. I am in red and white football socks, a black jumper and a towel on my wet head. Submerged in the bathtub, I settled on ‘tahini paste’ for a URL and ‘the wall decorator’ as a website name. How did this happen?

See, in my quest to better understand tahini paste, I googled ‘fat soluble nutrients’- apparently vitamen A, K, E and D need fat to be absorbed by the body. The author (my new hero)’s rap videos and comics led me to begin decorating my friends, ex-boyfriends and  friends boyfriends walls with links. Their Facebook walls, that is. Enthusiastically. Relentlessly. Thoughtfully. With or without their blessing. Sunscreen, meds and bumper sticker comics on everyones walls! Somewhere along the way I giggled that instead of ‘investigative food journalist’, my business card should read ‘wall decorator’. I’m decorating walls, and doing my best to keep it appropriate and minimalistic. The untoward death of Brian O’leary escaped any postings (as I was in the kitchen cooking kale and listening a podcast interview of his- what would happen if energy were free?!) and I did resist the urge to educate my pragmatist ex about the cultures of people who hope to instigate change. I keep it to myself that Richard Moore intrigues me (apparently it is not true that the ecosystem cannot support humanity at current population levels) and like me, Kathy is concerned with water security and the decimation of all species.  Likewise, my solemn resolve to travel to Monstesueños remains unused potential wall-decorating material. Did you know there is a people-assembled congress exploring new, free energy? That one escaped the news, but hopefully (yet) another ex-boyfriend might understand and explain to me whether or not what this guy is doing this week is feasible. Cue wall decoration. Returning to Waking the Phoenix, I find myself momentarily paralysed with creative indecision- does the Yasuni documentaryuncontacted tribes homepage or dancing genocide better convey what is happening in the Amazon? And, who’s wall? 3 minutes of watching this black mans exceptionally intelligent eyes, and my answer is clear.

I just cried so much my eyes are puffy. My facebook friends walls aren’t designed to survive this onslaught. I need a wall of mine own to decorate.

And here it is.

To begin your haphazard exploration of quotes, links to articles and youtube video, choose your topic of choice from the pages above right.

Topics include…

On water, desalination plants and how year 5 geography will tell you we caused the floods by cutting down trees

On energy- why do we need so much anyway, and what would happen if it was free?

On killing animals, I’m sad about the dolphins

On processed food, and how sometimes I just want to not eat fucking Woolworths fucking apples

In short, I intend to further explore the human arrogance of us thinking we know what anything is about, and how we are in actual fact no smarter than the ‘untouched’ tribes in Papua New Guinea and the Amazon, who perhaps we ought to have left the fuck alone.


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