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Video summary: zizek on JP


[Begins at 35:28]

‘With all his pseudo-scientific references… he cannot talk about women and marriage without mentioning lobsters, apes, whatever, all of them. If you go to the end in this direction, mirroring relations of domination amongst animals, projecting them onto humans, then we humans are doomed, my god. Because humanity is unnatural. What is the idea of equality, freedom, and so on? This is human madness.’

‘I will quote here someone who is also my enemy, but he a little bit more honest. Steven pinkler (?) so-called rational optimist. I saw a debate between the two of them where Jordan Peterson went strongly in this direction ‘today there is so much violence and so on’ and Steven pinker said ‘sorry, your facts are totally wrong. If you look at it globally, with all the horror you hear of knife crimes and so on, the last decades are still much better than anytime in history’. So first, I doubt many of his facts. As to his theories, first, not in the sense that he uses it, but I think at the beginning he became famous for his brutal reaction to some transgender people’s ideas, he, she, it, whatever. I not agree with him, but he did draw attention to some problems. There I had not a sympathy but a half understanding. Then, catastrophe emerged when he fell into this stupid trap and started to use the term. Which is today the main term of the contemporary right ‘cultural marxism’. It would be interesting to deploy in front of you the entire background of this nation. It’s incredible. There is a whole entire background conspiracy theory narrative. It goes like this. After communist revolution direct political failure in 20s. Communists, Lenin, stalin, Whoever was there decided ‘we failed because we underestimated the strength of the Christian moral conviction of Western people. So, we should first undermine them morally’. Through the deture (?) of some Argentinian millionaire they financed the Frankfurt school, western Marxism which then culminates in today’s—what they call cultural marxism. Long story short, I am totally opposed to this narrative, I think today’s political correctness and so on, the failure of today’s is not that it is too fanatically Marxist, it’s precisely that it’s not Marxist. Basic questions of social power, economy and so on, it obfuscates these questions as cultural province

‘Then, the third moment, (Not a full critique, just mapping the topic) where I find him even more problematic, his attitude. He wants to be a wise guy, wisdom, giving advice to people, jungian approach and so on. Here I pull out my gun. I have such a distrust towards any form of wisdom. Wisdom is for me is by definition stupidity. You know what wisdom is to me? Wisdom is totally opportunistic. Simple example: in my country, if you do something risky and you succeed. I can immediately comment on your success by 5-10 proverbs. ‘Only those who risk, profit’, or whatever. This type of justifying risking. then let’s say you fail, we have a series of wonderful proverbs, i can say my most popular one, ‘you cannot urinate against the wind’ you know. This is, Wisdom- I think the greatest of our traditions, at least European: Plato, Ancient Greek philosophy or Christianity. They’re absolutely anti-wisdom. Jesus Christ is a madman, in the sense of socially disruptive. If nothing else, the traditional form of wisdom always thinks in circular terms. ‘What rises will fall. Everything returns to dust’. The notion of injustice is always the notion of somebody who should speak to his or her role gets caught in hubris, too much, but balance has to be restored. This is the very opposite of Christianity and Plato. The basic idea of Plato’s idealism- (in this sense I am a materialist idealist) is that you are going on in your stupid daily life, search for pleasures. Then you have a mega experience: Religious, philosophical, even erotic love. Your whole life is destabilised. How non organic, Dramatic, traumatic and brutal a thing, Passionate love is. You live your life, you Drink with friends, One night stand here there, then you fall in love. All the stability is destroyed. Everything is focussed on that’s what’s so great. You find this Christianity and other religions. Plato’s idealism, Plato’s basic reaction was, the way Plato describes, Socrates when he’s thinking. It’s really a Hysteric reaction. He just stood there Immobilised. I am for abstraction, for violent difference. I am absolutely against any holistic approach.’

Transcript 2


[3.45] talking about 10 hour mini series documentaries… Jordan Peterson, cultural Marxism ‘the idea that Frankfurt school and critical school… the alt right reading: they saw that Christianity too strong among ordinary people, and that you can only have a successful revolution if you first destroy the moral foundation of a society’.

Moral degradation and revolutions has been part of humanity since the beginning.

[4.17] ‘Here comes the paranoia. Bolsheviks Stalin and so in directly… financed Frankfurt school… to destroy the moral foundation of the west. And this culminates today in political correctness, transgender theory, and so on. again. It’s horrifying to read it… this conspiracy theory so crazy—This is a dangerous game to play—. They almost fascinate me. According to this theorist- This idea the Middle East is in conflict. Jews Against Palestinians. They claim this is a false conflict to seduce us. They claim In reality they are working together to destroy Western Europe. What’s their proof? They claim Muslim Immigrants are penetrating Western Europe. But This cannot happen by itself. This is not spontaneous. Incidentally Those leftists- claim Palestinians are today’s Jews/ the foreigners to be excluded, are wrong. More of less invisible, they were The secret masters. Refugees are all too visible… They claim they are too visible so there must be a secret master behind them (Jews of course). Muslim Jewish plot to destroy our civilisation….. What happened in the last 10-15 years. These conspiracy theorists were always here. What is sad… was before constrained to the dirty talk…—now it’s becoming part of our public space.’

[14:00] (regarding truth): ‘The correct horizon/ conceptual field from which we interpret data is not just our subjective choice, it’s part of the object itself. (Very Hegelian notion)—How we read facts, it’s not just our subjectivity, it’s prescribed into the object itself.’

History is the collection of data into a cohesive story.

[13.53] ‘Anti-semitism and racism… is wrong apriori formally absolutely. It’s not a question of ‘okay maybe hitler was a little bit right but he exaggerates’, was absolutely wrong. In what sense? He was wrong because they way he used facts was in order to sustain a general lie about society. Didactical notion of truth. You can use correct data to serve a lie… if you

Marxism: there are some truths to which we have access only through an existential engagement.


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