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JP & human design

JPs birth time is unknown. Possible charts have him as a 5/1 or a 6/2. Some of his supporters claim he is functioning as a heretic, however 12 rules of life seems to indicate he wants to be seen as a role model.

5am birthtime:

If he is a 5/1, he needs to have a solid foundation or he will be persecuted—which he seems to be.

Some people have said that Jordan is a 5/1 and is misrepresented because people project on him. My experience is that the 5/1 is not just projected on. It’s like Neptune. It also distorts and projects itself.

This may be a notself 5/1 function. From what I have seen it involves the inability to see the other clearly, with projected blame, finger pointing and accusations, and contradiction verging on hypocrisy.

Here is a list of Jordan Peterson projections.


Before 9pm as a 5/1, he has an undefined root. Along with the head this would create a ‘pressure sandwich’. My initial observation was that this was likely not the case as his schedule was so intense and he seemed to be coping, however as time went on he seems to coped less well and it seems to be causing quite a strain on him. So perhaps that it is the case.



Regarding 6th lines, Young men seek to emulate him as a role model.

Much of my writing here is devoted to demonstrating why he is not a good role model.


In human design terms JP has an open head centre, which no real ideas of its own and isn’t really certain of anything; he acknowledges that’s when he is lecturing he is having a conversation with one person and figuring it out as he goes (link speaking Russell brand- quote). This neans he is capable of channelling beautiful and insightful thoughts, the problem they’d they are filtered through defined ajna with its own theories, concepts and opinions. Someone so open-minded has none of their own consistent ideas to followed as an ideological or philosophical leader, but he does have consistent (conservative) feelings about the status quo and a women’s place and marxism and the importance of the bible.

He is also consistently living the ‘juxtaposition cross of possession’ regardless of birth time, making him controlling of those close to him.

His authority is emotional. He seems to honour this as far as he prefers to take time to respond to things.

Regardless of profile, he is a manifestor. The mark of a not self manifestor is anger. In Jordan’s case, there seems to be large amounts of suppressed rage, zero humour, and minimal peace. This suggests he is not operating correctly, and is not deconditoned. This is likely the case given the extent to which he operates from the mind.


JP & Ra agree:

1: hierarchy

1b: types are a Pareto distribution

2: fem & masc energy

JP diverges when he conflates having penis with yang energy. Yang manifestors are 8% and there’s no reason to expect anything other than 50/50 male and female sex. Which basically extends to him being wrong about the construction of men dominating women being naturalistic, as it suggests these hierarchies are not correct according to our energetics.


Thought experiment: how would JP react to HD?

1. He’d like the idea that he is god

2. He would not want to surrender the authority of his mind


Notions of power.

[2.36] ‘true power is not something that can be seized, true power comes in response to life, it comes from the energy of alignment with your authentic self’

JP only sees it as something to be seized like an aggressive lobster

[3.00] ‘When we see someone we aspire to be like, that person is living in a profoundly aligned state’.

I don’t think people aspire to JP because of his energetics. His energetics are aggressive and strained. I think it’s because they identify with his mind trip.

[3.48] The question we are all grappling with is ‘how do we live being true to ourselves’

JP doesn’t answer this question in a way which allows for differentiation. He is seemingly a proponent for the individual, as far as he is a liberal/capitalist, but the identity he advocates for is a homogenised one. He thinks it’s okay to make generic prescriptive rules. He doesn’t say ‘clean your room but only if your sacral says so’, he says ‘everyone ‘should’ ABC [although to be fair, in the sense that cleaning your room is metaphorical, the process of knowing yourself and deconditioning from the notself is advice that can be given. He doesn’t accept that the gene map for the gates can apply equally to both sexes- that a female generator can have the 34 of force with the cross of penetration making her strong, competent and disagreeable, and that a male can be a reflector who needs lots of rest, is easily overwhelmed by the sacral and base energy of those around him, and is essentially agreeable. JP advocates for pairbonding in a monogamous relationship as the foundation for happiness of all beings. This is not correct for many- a female quad split is not designed to reproduce and live in monogamy. A single definition can be just as happy and fulfilled living their whole life single. Because he doesn’t understand human design and differentiation, he generalises his reality in a way which creates homogenised prescriptions which will be deeply incorrect for some people.

Ra talking about the cross of planning coming to an end. Jordan can feel the end of the masculine order, the death of the Dog Star. He thinks he can blame humanities departments and crazy feminists and Marxist’s for it. He’s batshit crazy if he thinks that will stop it or change anything. He needs ‘the serenity to accept the things he cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference’.

24 mins… ‘Olympus…. seven centred beings always argue. The notself mind loves through arguments Winners, losers, the whole strategic thing. The nine centred being is not here to judge anything that comes through anyone…. how are you going to judge uniqueness?’

Tell that to Jordan’s lobsters


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