Jordan Peterson content has taken over this blog, use the search function to find quotes

[2.50] Claiming he is misunderstood, not what he is ‘actually saying’. People on the left are trying to summary his ideological view. He is so consistently vague this is near impossible.

[3.20] (quoting article ‘the intellectual we deserve’) References MOM: humans generate meaning/figure out how to act.

[4.39] (of jp): ‘many human stories have common moral lessons’

this is benign, unremarkable common sense

[6.00] the content seems deep and important. But is word salad and is not particular profound. Padded abstract, vague, unfalsifiable language. Extensive rambling basically saying we have moral inner conflicts we have to resolve.

[7.20] if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Except he’s not even actually saying much.

[7.40] more complicating and grandising simple ideas

[9.15] mills said… ‘verbosity to cover up a lack of profundity’… ‘splendid lack of intelligibility’… ‘so rigidly confined to such a high level of abstraction…’

[10.15]… ‘done to intimidate you into casually accepting what Peterson is saying. You feel inadequate or stupid to approach critiqueing his work’


His epigraph quotes the bible. ‘I will utter things that have kept secret from the foundation of the world’.

Ridiculously pretentious (likening himself to Jesus? Crazy narcissism).

[12.53] poor mans plight- assumes that if someone is poor they are pitiful, they are less than, they are broken. Not very Christian or righteous or even correct, Jordan. Narcissistic.

[13.46] self evident ramblings:

[14.14] abstract convoluted language, plain truths disguised in pompous garb- this allows him to be evasive, a strong technique. If he wanted to say it clearly, he could, this means he is always able to take the higher ground

‘Dangerous leftist trying to pigeon hole him, misrepresenting him, that’s not what I mean, you’re nothing but an ideologue who wants to cage me, Jordan Peterson, the innocent prophet of truth, the crusader of knowledge’

[15.45] Ideas tied in here:

– chaos- female- are ungodly, this is like the bible blaming eve for the expulsion from the garden of eden

– chaos is also the foreigner- racist undertones- the foreigners, not the flags of the nation, are chaotic, which is not as god intended

– chaos, half of yin yang, is half of god and life itself. How can it not be as god intended?

– traditional- Christian fundamentalism- deference to authority- fascism-

– the masculine is as god intends- women being the weaker half of society, echoes of sexism..

[16.07] The moment you take this into practical reality- ‘that’s not what I meant’, ‘it’s only symbolic’, ‘I don’t mean anything political’ (despite grouping all of natural history with authority and the nation against what is foreign and feminine)’

[16.58] (JP) talking with a man, ‘and then it becomes physical’… horrible ridiculous quote that needs its own blog. Defenceless against women because he’s not allowed to threaten violence against them? Just stupid and ridiculous. Won’t respect a person/woman because she’s not violent enough? Just ridiculous.

This seems very clear. But when interpreted he again denies that’s what he meant. ‘How could you so wilfully misrepresent me’ 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Either DISENGENOUS or utterly lacking substance and talking out his arse. You decide.

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