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JP: ‘I’ve really been trying to understand the underlying psychology of post-modernism and it’s relationship with neo-marxism and then the spread of that into the universities and the spread of that into the universities and the effect of the on the culture…. I’ve presented my understanding… Steven Hicks ‘explaining post modernism’ criticised for being too right wing… I would say he’s middle of the road, I would classify him as the classic liberal… identified it with the general tricksters, Derrida, foccant and Lacoste.. I’d like to know what you think about postmodernism and why you think it’s been so attractive’

Reply: ‘My explanation is there is no authentic 1960s point of view in any of the elite universities. The most liberated minds did not go onto graduate school. Huge cohort of very radical Jews, genuine passionate marxists with my own eyes. They were not word choppers. They used the language of the people and lived by their own convictions. They were against the graduate schools. The radicals either dropped out of college and went off to create communes. OR they were taking acid and destroyed their brains. [3.20]. The legacy of the 60s got truncated. What they represent, the biggest influence on foccoult was waiting for Godot. Nothing to do with the authentic legacy of the 1960s which was about multiculturalism. It was a turn toward the body and sensory experience. Not this cynical removal from experience, which was a French import. The real revolution was about jung and seeing the cosmos in mythological terms. Those who took over the universities were careerists. [5.35] this was an elitist form from the start. It was not progressive. It was not revolutionary. It was reactionary. It was a desperate attempt to hold on to what had happened before the 1960s revolution. This ‘post mdoernist’ thing, as superior attitude… going through the art finding all the evidence of racism, check, sexism, check, homophobia, check. This was not the sensory based revolution of the 1960s. They’re frauds’.

[6.41] JP: about ‘The destruction of the work of art… I really liked reading neitze, his discussion of ‘resentamol’, okay, resentment’. A tremendous amount of the… driven by resentment of virtually an merit of competence or aesthetic.. most people who are as intelligent as acedemics make more money in the private sphere… the reduction to everything to nothing more than a power game.. seems to be jealousy and resentment.’

[8.08] ‘these people who say that art if nothing more than an ideological movement by an elite against another group… these people are hopelessly middle brow… Marxism does not recognise any kind of spiritual dimension… I’m an atheistic who finds world religions as art… as the best way to understand the universe… the true revolution would have been to make the core curriculum to be the great religions of the world.. the real 60s vision was about exaltation, cosmos consciousness… rejected by these intellectual midgets… I represent a challenge to this from the perspective of art. It is nonsense as post-structuralism that reality, everything we can know is meditated by words, including gender…’

Just because it’s not only mediated by words, doesn’t mean that it it’s not mediated by the mind, which subconsciously processes meaning and archetypes, and through which we are conditioned by the culture to think, act and be a certain way… and from the mind which is not separate to the emotions, but IS separate to the body (the sacral, the spleen), and the soul/spirit.

[9.39] ‘I’m teaching students who’s Major is ceramics or dance.. who understand reality in terms of the body through sensory activation’

Very beautiful, very inline with human design.

‘Collapse into a snide postmodernism as an utter misunderstanding of culture. Pathetic attempt to continue the old heroism of the avante guarde… pop art killed the avant guarde.. andy Warhol embraced it and that was the end of avant guarde… hopelessly derivative… that somehow superior view of reality

[11.55] authentic leftism is populist. It is based on working class language…


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