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The compensatory actions you see as benefiting women at the expense of men are required because of implicit bias. It’s existence is scientifically well established via the psychology department—not humanities.

‘What right don’t women have?’

A hundred years ago the right was to vote. Two hundred years ago the right would’ve been to own property. Before that, women themselves were property (and in some countries, they still are). These days in the West, the discrimination is more subtle. Legally we have achieved equality but socially we have not. When the feminine is considered as valid and valuable as the masculine, we have equality. For example, it’s now socially acceptable for women to wear pants. However, it is not socially acceptable for a man to wear a skirt (unless it’s a joke, and people will laugh). It is socially acceptable to call a female ‘dude’, or like ‘hey guys’, but it is not socially acceptable for a male vice versa ‘pussy’ is a derogatory term, ‘don’t be a girl’. That’s just a basic surface level example of the way the feminine is suppressed, and it’s as toxic for men as it is for women. And despite whatever stereotypes you may hold in your head, that is what feminism is for. For the expression of both masculine and feminine energy in all humans to be socially condoned.

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