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Interviewer: you don’t feel that globally men have the better end of the stick?

Peterson: No! Noo I don’t believe that globally men have the better end of the stick. What- I don’t even understand why people would even Begin to conceptualise the world that way. Better in what way?

Interviewer: roles of power… in businesses… politically… men pretty much rule the world. No?

Peterson: Well, what about in warfare? What about in dangerous jobs? Who gets killed in war, who fights in war? Men.

This is a red herring and does not follow logically from the question.

The answer to the question ‘do men hold the power’ is answered with ‘men pay the cost of holding the power and the decisions they make with that power (such as going to war, and mining). They also take the reward from those jobs and the business that war creates.

Interviewer: you have women of war, soldiers in the army, nowadays, it’s opening more and more.

This is a good rebuttal, women were not allowed to join the army as soldiers. They did however serve in the war as nurses in very dangerous areas, a point which Peterson also totally glosses over. He goes on to completely refuse to address this point, a tactic he uses often.

Peterson: well, no, we’re not going to go down that…

Interviewer: is a woman soldier not as good as a man soldier?

Peterson: I don’t know.

Peterson’s unaddressed rage following this interview became evident in his dreams following the interview:


This same theme was discussed in the 2018 ABC interview by comedian Tom Ballard who placated Peterson:

Peterson’s evasive rebuttal to female oppression throughout history amounts to ‘everyone had it bad’ and ‘men and women helped each other’.

Dodgy motherfucker.

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