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Rough transcript:

[0.29] IM: Brain hemispheres are unequal and asymmetrical, one of the hemispheres sees more. The master is the right hemisphere. People traditionally think of the left as the one that is dominant. Steep learning curve. The right is more reliable, sees more, understands more, like a high functioning buerocrat. Must not get involved with a certain point of view. Good reason why evolutionarily.

[1.57] 25% of the entire cortex is inhibitory. Corpus collosum is inhibiting function in the other hemisphere. (He was at Evolutionary psychiatry meeting).

[3.02] differentiation is very important for two elements to work together. Inhibition is one way of doing that. The two hemispheres are not easily compatible. Different qualities, goals, values.

[7.46] right hemisphere opens up to possibilities… explores… (left hemisphere grasps, closes down to a certainty)

(Left is logical. Right is creative. Left is yang, right is yin. Left is order, right is chaos).

[7.55] IM: I loved in your talk you talked about chaos and order. If I may say so you seem to suggest it would be good, it would better if we could get rid of chaos. Whereas my view is that chaos and order are necessary for one an other And there is a proper balance.

JP: ‘Yeah okay, yeah, okay, well, okay. That’s a deep a question as you could possibly ask. There’s a central theological issue… you know in genesis the proper environment of humanity is construed a garden… I see that as the optimal balance of chaos and order. Nature flourishes and is prolific, if you add harmony to that. You live in a garden. You’re supposed to tend the garden. Ok So the garden is created. It’s a walled space. Because eden is a walled space. Paradasia a walled garden. As soon as you make a wall, you try to keep what’s outside out. But you can’t because the boundaries between things are permeable. So if you’re going to have reality you’re going to a bounded space you’re going to have a Snake I. The garden. Then the question is what the hell should we do about that. Make the walls that no snake could possibly get in Or allow for the possibility of sneaks but Make yourself strong enough that we could contend with them. There’s answer there that goes straight to the question Why did god allow evil to exist in the world. It’s like Well do you make people safe or strong. And Strong is better. And Safe night not be commensurate with being. It might not be possible to exist and to be safe…

OMFG god- ten minute mark- this rambling evasive non answer is basically the quintessential Jordan parody! Done by Jordan himself 😑

The mastery of a topic is evidenced by the ability to express is simply and succinctly. Any year nine English teacher can tell you that.

the chaos vs order yin yang question migiht be deep but it is not complicated. Jordan is grappling to reconcile his own inner conflict with not being able to accept and integrate the feminine. The Chinese, Jung, many great philosophers, this question has already been answered. Jordan is just an externalisation of the patriarchal society- and the biblical notion- struggling to accept that the feminine is valid and will be integrated and given equal space as we move into the future.

The answer to the question was ‘yes I did say that, in fact i named my book ‘antidote to chaos’ and claimed order is superior, and obviously I’m wrong’

He did not answer the question!



What made Europe happen and made it so creative,” he explained, “is that Christianity was a right-brain religion … translated into a left-brain language [Greek]. So for many centuries you had this view that science and religion are essentially part of the same thing.”

‘the left brain is dominant for language. The right hemisphere, on the other hand, is implicated more strongly in emotional processing and representing the mental states of others. However, the distinctions aren’t as clear cut as the myth makes out – for instance, the right hemisphere is involved in processing some aspects of language, such as intonation and emphasis.’

‘Gazzaniga concluded, based on the interpreter phenomenon and other findings, that the left hemisphere is “inventive and interpreting”, whilst the right brain is “truthful and literal.’

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