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‘[JP] sees that communism has lead to lying delusional sadistic murderous groups, and to mysery [sic] at a magnitude largely higher than capitalism’

honestly I don’t even know where to begin…

  • war mongering by America in Iraq and then the Middle East and next Venezuela, entire nations are completely decimated, wars for profit and oil, all that bullshit by America could win any lying competition you wanna throw out
  • then add the death toll of genocides all over the globe by the colonising west, not just genocide but cultural and psychological decimation of native people, in Australia, the Caribbean, all through Asia, continuing today…
  • the west was built on outright slavery, sure that was prior to the 1900s when communist when down, but black people didn’t get the right to vote til recently and are still structurally disenfranchised (even just with voting), with the privatised industrialised for profit prison system (brought to you by capitalism),
  • like there is a lack of recognition of these realities
    • like the state regularly shooting or abusing black people… and as if slavery for black people is somehow less abhorrent than putting a white society in service working for the state… lol and
      working for jobs where people are paid below living wage, that’s like the worst of communism without even getting the idealistic goals…
      people starving in a country because it has a food shortage under communism, how is that worse than people getting scurvy or
      dying of lifestyle disease in fresh food deserts in a country of immeasurable wealth/ massive amounts of food being thrown out while people are homeless and going without meals…
      as if poor farmers in communist Russia were worse off than people in the first world dying because they don’t have access to health care in a wealthy country…
      also pretty sure rampant, unnecessary consumerism under capitalism (inbuilt obselence and a disposable culture because its cheaper to scale up) is what gave us the current ocean & wildlife destruction due to plastics, so add that to the tally…
      oh, and the intentional maintanance of extreme poverty in the third world because the first world is dependant on exploitation of cheap labour and resources to allow for profit… so add all the deaths by starvation/lack of sanitation/child labour in the third world too

    Across time and history, the sum total suffering is easily equal or more.

    It’s easy to project the shadow of humanity into the distant past or ‘over there’ and label it horrific while overlooking horrors closer to home, especially when it is normalised and sold to us as justified… that’s what humans do when shit is going down, they don’t riot because it’s normalised and justified just like it is now… our system is no less barbaric, and that would be obvious were it not for the victim blaming rhetoric ‘poor people are just lazy’, ‘black people are just less competent, they’re predisposed to crime’, etc etc etc…

    The nature of humanity is fundamentally flawed, regardless of economic system, blaming it on communism is a red herring.

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