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JP: Do as I say

Jordan Peterson is lauded as being an intellectual and rational role model. In reality, he is a walking mess of irrationality, projections, accusations and hypocrisy.

Here is a brief list of examples:

  • Claims to be against censorship and then promotes it (shutting down humanities, sueing for libel)
  • Claims to be against fascism but then promotes domination by state and force (male aggression, legally enforced monogamy)
  • Claims to be for the individual but then gives homogenised life prescriptive advice
  • Claims to be against lack of precision in language but is rambling and at times completely incomprehensible, refuses to give straight answers
  • Claims to be against Postmodernism, yet redefines words (even basic words) as he sees fit and bases all his arguments on his interpretation of metaphorical truth
  • Claims to be against victimhood but encourages men to see themselves as victimised by feminism
  • Claims to be for dominance hierarchies predicated on competence (and against corrective action), and then says men need enforced monogamy (to override hypergamy)
  • Claims to be apolitical then appears on conservative / alt-light channels & Fox news sympathetically (then going as far as to threaten to sue for calling him far right)
  • Claims to be against anti-Semitism but promotes a Nazi conspiracy theory (“Cultural Marxism”)
  • Prescribes cleaning your room and getting your house in perfect order before criticizing the world, has messy rooms and mental illness
  • Claims to have studied Nazi Germany “for 40 years” yet gets basic facts wrong, like saying the Nazi’s were atheist
  • Claims to be scientific and rational but functions as a mystic (the DNA comments, his main book is on myths)
  • Says men are more competent and then has his wife and daughter run his career and diet
  • Calls women mentally ill pejoratively; has mental health issues
  • Decries non experts while lecturing on topics which he is not qualified
  • Says compassion ‘kills’, cries about suffering of men
  • Puts out a moral prescriptive book to all people; objects to an ad directed at all men
  • Anti ‘social justice warrior’ (left politically); acts like SJW fighting for the social norm he thinks is healthiest (right politically)
  • Is against identity politics: practices identity politics by claiming to be the victim of other people’s identity politics (pejoratively labelling broad swaths of people who advocate change ‘SJW’s)
  • Concerned about males being disconnected and reactive; perpetuates and encourages the belief systems that make them that way
  • Claims hierarchies are natural and self evident and yet devotes himself to defending them as if they’re fragile and constructed
  • Rails against the humanities department, lectures are mostly theology
  • Claims SJWs and feminists are dangerous; endorses intel rhetoric that results in shooting sprees
  • Tweets ‘take maximal responsibility for suffering and the existence of evil’; tweets to boycott Gillette after their commercial

‘Marxism is theft’ – ‘women are property and must be redistributed’

Other contradictions in more depth

This pattern of projection and contradiction is common in men’s rights groups, specifically as it relates for example, to denoting feminists as angry and bitter (when in fact they are kind and loving and looking to benefit men as much or more so than themselves), whereas the MRA communities are full of unhappy, hurt men who are anxious, depressed and socially isolated, to the extent that they go on shooting sprees about it (see ‘incels and feminism blog for details). Dangerous feminist shooting sprees to date= zero.


Jordan says “There is nothing more useful in combating the tragedy of life than to struggle with all your soul on behalf of the good”

It seems contradictory to them lambast both ‘social justice warriors’ and also to say that compassion is dangerous.


Jordan says he understands communists and says the nazis were atheist.

“The Party as such upholds the point of view of a positive Christianity without tying itself confessionally to any one confession. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit at home and abroad and is convinced that a permanent recovery of our people can only be achieved from within on the basis of the common good before individual good.”

–Article 24 of the 1920 Nazi Party Platform


Sorry, Jordan Peterson: rage isn’t a great look for a self-help guru

“For someone whose whole routine is based on telling men to “toughen up”, the clinical psychologist and author… seems to unravel at the slightest provocation…

I am also not in the lucrative business of advising anyone to develop a thicker skin, which would be even more motivation for me to keep it together. Every time I happen on Peterson, either on social media or interviews, he seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It’s just really bad advertising.”

“The dissonance is comical in [a way] where a human oxymoron is the punchline. Jordan is The Angry Guru, The Pissed-Off Yogi, The Totally Untogether Psychiatrist. A fragile authority who spends his time dishing it out but just can’t take it. A brittle ego who exhorts his fans to find peace by accepting that life is tough – while losing it completely every time he steps barefoot on a metaphorical piece of Lego.

[Like a Muslim preacher who] just wanted youth to live a better life by following the simple rules of submission to the natural order of things – the pain was in fighting it. These preachers, always men, and always appealing to other men to shoulder their responsibilities, had the preternatural calm of the faithful but when challenged, the temperament of the hysterical.”

“We have on our hands a fight, and Jordan’s platoon is an army of men sent to a training camp of bed tidying, emerging back into society armed with the certainty that affirmative action is racist and that women only exist to suckle their young.”

“But in reality Jordan’s work is basically one part The Game and two parts Eat Pray Love for men.”

“His disintegrations in the face of criticism thus may be the most instructive lessons that Jordan has offered his followers.”

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