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Nutrition & Food Production




In case you were tempted to give up cooking…. Raw vs cooked food article here.

Raw foodie riddle. Cooking: The only time where more mins, results in less ‘mins. ~Angela, 2013.

If you cut out your table salt (I hope you do), where do you get your iodine? Nom on some seaweeds, kids.

Holy shit. 530 pages on why fluoridation is a bad idea.

Fixing our food problem.

Haha, god I love this book. Healing with Wholefoods.

Quinoa boom offers hard lesson in food economics.

Nori seaweed (used in sushi rolls) is actually red! Get excited about seaweed. The nutritional and medicinal value of seaweeds used in chinese medicine..

Food nerds eat your heart out. The nutritional content of everything.

My work would be a lot easier if people habitually cited their sources. The dirty dozen.

German bin-divers get connected to wage war on food waste.

Aww yeah. Bhutan set to plough lone furrow as world’s first wholly organic country.

If I forget why I am anti-agave, remind me to look here.

To the person who wrote this article: Have my babies. Logic Does Not Apply III: A Calorie is a Calorie

Sweet tooth? Sugar addiction is a thing. Serious. Same scale as heroin. Fucks with yo brain chemistry. Checkit. All kinds of scholarly articles.

‘Some 97 per cent of the varieties of fruits and vegetables found in America in 1900 are now extinct’. Waaah. from “Monoculture Versus Diversity: The Illusion of Choice,” in Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture, Andrew Kimbrell, (pained noises my own).

Worried about vitamin D? put your shrooms in the sun. Mushrooms are rich in ergosterol, UV converts to D2.

Squirrels bury nuts to sprout them before eating. You should too. (Soak them, that is). #funfact

‘The paradigm of industrialization—specialization, standardization, economies of scale—has worked so well we’ve applied it to everything… but it doesn’t work on everything’.

Plants are amazing, seriously!  Hemin and Chlorophyll : the Two Most Important Pigments for Life on Earth

Incomplete carbohydrate metabolism results in the formation of ‘toxic metabolite’ such as pyruvic acid and abnormal sugars containing five carbon atoms. Pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system and the abnormal sugars in the red blood cells. These toxic metabolites interfere with the respiration of the cells. They cannot get sufficient oxygen to survive and function normally. In time, some of the cells die. This interferes with the function of a part of the body and is the beginning of degenerative disease. William Duffy, ‘Sugar Blues’.
>If anyone could find the science relating to this quote, I would be both eternally grateful and relieved.

Raaaah! New study reinforces Greenpeace concerns about GM wheat.

Apples are dipped in fungicides. Charming. 😦

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