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Reading list 3: videos on socialism

This is part 3 of the Reading List, this is not my content. All credit goes to Revolutionary Memes Extreme (find on Facebook).

3. Introduction videos into socialist schools of thought:

“If you don’t do theory, theory will do you” -Falguni Sheth


Marxism 101 by Richard Wolff

Introduction to Anarchism by Philosophytube:

The history of Anarchism in 8 minutes

Social Ecology on domination:

From Marxism to Communalism and Confederalism: Bookchin and Öcalan

Introductory reading materials to tendencies:

Communalism Pamphlet

Along with:

Social Ecology and Communalism

Click to access What-is-Social-Ecology1.pdf

Socialism: Utopian and Scientific (Marxism/Historical Materialism):

What is anarchy?

More specific schools of thought:


Libertarian Municipalism and Democratic Confederalism


Marxist Leninism:




DeLeonism (with pictures and diagrams):


Democratic Socialism:

There are plenty other tendencies, and I encourage you to search for more as you get an idea of what interests you.

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