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Reading List 4: videos on capitalism

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4. Economics??? What is Capitalism? Why money? Why rich people? Why we no like?

“The material relations between people, become social relations between objects.” -me stealing a quote

A series of videos that are easily digestible to give you an outline of leftist economics. Make sure to watch it all the way through, common questions (certainly many I’ve seen in the comments section) get answered as the theory’s pieces are put into place. May require a few viewings.

Follow along with his blog here:

“I watched the video series, I now want more!”

Excellent, there’s plenty of lecture series by Anwar Shaikh, David Harvey, Richard d Wolff ect, that you can find on youtube.

However, I would highly recommend the following books if you’re looking to get started, but make sure to read “Value Price and Profit” by Marx first if you aren’t exactly confident about the content in the videos. It’s short and assumes a completely free market, it makes it easy:

—Das Kapital

—Elgar Companion to Post-Keynesian Economics

—Elgar Companion to Marxian Economics

(If you can’t find the Elgar companion there’s plenty of other introductory books)

“Dude this is a lot of information, I don’t have time for this”

I know. These things get concepts down in less time but have a less overall picture of what we believe.

What is Class? by Phd Richard Wolff

Mexie, aspiring PhD, The Reserve Army of Labour

How Private Property Hinders Scientific Progress

Mexie “don’t let the title fool you” Finance, Crisis and Stagnation

The Myth of the Barter Economy

The wealthy in Florence today are the same families that were wealthy 600 years ago

Poor at 20, Poor for Life

Artificial Scarcity in a world of overproduction: an escape that isn’t

How Neoliberalism Threatens Democracy

Falling Rate of Profit

***needs replacement as easier, 20 minute video was deleted, this is a placeholder***

Click to access The%20Falling%20Rate%20of%20Profit%20.pdf

***VERY boring video on the falling rate of profit

The Economy of the USSR (was it socialist?)

The Law of Value and Socialism

“Wait, where can I get a Phd Economist to give me weekly/monthly economic updates!?”

My man Wolff gotcha covered:

A recent topic has been UBI, or universal basic income, and I think an examination of what is likely the next economic revolution under capitalism is important:

Universal Basic Income: A Critique by Badmouse

Universal Basic Income vs. Le Salaire à Vie

Noam Chomsky & Yanis Varoufakis discuss Basic Income (Universal Income)

Why basic income is a bad idea

New Economic Thinking is awesome, it covers a HUGE range of issues you may find interesting from how water and oceans are treated under capitalism, to the economics of aging:

Guy who makes great, short videos on the labor theory of value specifically?

Meet Brendan Mcooney

Interviews from leftist economists on today’s issues and theory:

Yanis Varoufakis, the guy who could’ve fixed greece:

Yanis Varoufakis – Europe’s Crisis and America’s Economic Future

Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises, Professor Anwar Shaikh

We can’t economize all of the problems of the world. The entire point of leftism is critique power structures and imagine societies out of them. That’s what these resources are here for, to give you ideas

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