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Western Society & Capitalism

It’s worth remembering that once you put people behind computer monitors, it’s easy for them to forget you are there, and -more importantly- why they are there. ~TESOL wisdom.

An ‘education’ often teaches one to think critically, but not necessarily holistically. Seems the end result is critical people, without wisdom. Ironically, maybe the best ‘critical’ discussion stems from a holistic world view… ~Angela thoughts

Book: The World without us, Alan Weisman

Today’s comment on life and society, thanks to Benjamin Buckley, brought to you from 1970.

A discussion of white settlement in Australia, with links to some reads.

Question. When we talk about the fact that the average life expectancy has increased drastically, is that adjusted for the hectic decrease in infant mortality? Cos all this shit about people only used to live to 40… is that just because the 80 yr olds were averaged out with the stillborns and deaths before like, 5 years old?

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